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masterRename binary main => systemhttpd.Kjetil Orbekk4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-06-20Rename binary main => systemhttpd.HEADmasterKjetil Orbekk
2017-06-20Add error handling for unauthorized page access.Kjetil Orbekk
2017-06-19Very preliminary ACLs.Kjetil Orbekk
2017-06-19Add acls to database schema.Kjetil Orbekk
2017-06-18Fix css url.Kjetil Orbekk
2017-06-18Support base_url.Kjetil Orbekk
2017-06-18Inline the css file in the source code.Kjetil Orbekk
2017-06-18fix: Create working urls based on the incoming request.Kjetil Orbekk
2017-06-17Add nix configuration.Kjetil Orbekk
2017-06-17Update .gitignore.Kjetil Orbekk