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master- Add missing includeUlf Lilleengen12 years
v0.1commit 09a9ad301a...Kjetil ├śrbekk13 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2009-07-18- Add missing includeHEADmasterUlf Lilleengen
2009-07-18- Import mfs_notify subroutines for registering for events on system files. TheUlf Lilleengen
2009-07-18- Comment unused variable.Ulf Lilleengen
2009-07-18- Remove remnants from pnotify build.Ulf Lilleengen
2009-07-18- Remove pnotify library again as the API is a bit messy and handles things in aUlf Lilleengen
2009-07-18- Cleanup headers and remove stale file.Ulf Lilleengen
2008-11-27- Include pnotify in build and link against it in musicfs.Ulf Lilleengen
2008-11-27- Import pnotify and add a Makefile for building it.Ulf Lilleengen
2008-11-27- Missed fusever and makefile changes in the previous commit.Ulf Lilleengen
2008-11-27- Use a fusever header to define fuse version across all files.Ulf Lilleengen